Monday, February 20, 2006

Writely: An Online Word Processor

Do you often have individuals who come to the library without a floppy disk or flash drive to save their work? Point your patrons in the direction of Writely, an online word processor. Most of the features on Writely are simple to use and free of charge. Documents can be written directly in to the online processor or imported into Writely. In my tests, very little formatting was lost when I imported a Word document into the application. (My small square bullets were changed into round ones.)

How it works: Your patrons will need an email account to register. They can import or paste their document into Writely. (I suggest pasting, simply to avoid having to first save the document to the computer or secondary storage. Isn't that what we are trying to avoid?) Their account can then be accessed from any online computer.

Disclaimer: As with any type of storage, remember that it is always better to have a backup; nothing is foolproof!

Writely: An online word processor.
Cost: Most features are free.


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